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Review: Nursing a Grudge

Earl is a typical grouchy old man.

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Well, maybe he is a bit grouchier than most but he has had a rough life. He’s stuck in a wheelchair because he was shot while driving a bus. His wife left him a widower. The assisted-living apartment he resides in is closing due to budgetary issues. He’s lived in the same apartment for five years and still doesn’t know anyone – or know his way around.

Jenny, on the other hand is a chipper, God-centered, college student who thinks she knows best. Though she’s not there to clean or wait on Earl, she’s always dusting or helping out. Then she starts talking. It seems that her chipper dialog just won’t end so Earl does what any sane man would do when faced with a situation like this – he agrees to leave his room as long as Jenny promises to get him back for his game show.

On their tour of the facilities Earl meets a bunch of people. He sees the computer room, the rec room. Then – shockingly – he’s invited to a chili party! He’s still not quite into the ‘fun’ when a resident – the very one who’s been irritating and embarrassing people all night – kicks it.

There is something odd about what happened. If only Earl could remember what…

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this. It was absolutely adorable. There was a bit of flirting from a couple of the other residents towards Earl but really this was just a cute chilly afternoon on the couch mystery. My favorite character was Earl. I especially liked that even though he softened he never did the 180 Grinch move. He remained what he was.

What I didn’t like. It was a bit confusing. I started the book by reading the cast of characters at the beginning but to me that was a bit much. Then it did take a few pages to start enjoying Earl. But after I started to get into it – which took less than thirty pages – I really enjoyed the cast and the plot.

Rating: B+
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