Feb 072014

ValentinesDay‹LandingPage_R2_012414Isabel from Open Road just saved my rump, again! She reminded me that Valentine’s Day is next week & I haven’t even begun to prepare!!

Luckily for me, Isabel also had a terrific tool for giving gifts!!

This adorable selection of Cards is available from Open Road Media but theirs is amazingly interactive & tons of fun!! I’m not sure whether I’m buying for me or others!!

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  4 Responses to “Oh No! It’s Almost Time!!”

  1. How cute! I love it.

    I am by the way spending nap time trying desperately to come up with a Vday idea for my hubs.

  2. Ha! Thats awesome Gina! I did go and look at all of them. Some of them look real good! What a great idea.

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