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Review: One Wintry Night

For the next several weeks I’ll be doing something a bit different. I’ll be doing mini-reviews for books in different collections/novellas. I love Christmas – especially the books I read from Thanksgiving through New Years! They’re calm, relaxing, and bolstering. So I’ll be giving you each a hand in deciding which ones to grab – and which to avoid! Each Saturday, I’ll do a review of one of the ‘books’ contained in a novella. Enjoy!

A Prairie Christmas Collection:

9 Historical Christmas Romances from America’s Great Plains
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Contained in this collection are:

  • Take Me Home by Tracey V. Bateman
  • One Wintry Night by Pamela Griffin
  • Image of Love by JoAnn A. Grote
  • The Christmas Necklace by Maryn Langer Smith
  • A Christmas Gift of Love by Darlene Mindrup
  • God Jul by Tracie Peterson
  • Circle of Blessings by Deborah Raney
  • Christmas Cake by Janet Spaeth
  • Colder Than Ice by Jill Stengl

Ivy has had it! She just can’t believe that her mother would force her to leave Boston and come to.. to.. this place!

What was mother thinking? Marrying an uneducated farmer and moving to the wilds of Nebraska! Now, Ivy has a step-father who can’t even read English and two step-sisters who don’t know what doesn’t belong to them. These neanderthals live in sod houses, of all things, Nebraska Marble my foot! And, did I mention that they use dried cow patties instead of wood in the fireplaces? Do you know who has to collect them? Oh, she just can’t wait to leave.

Oh, did I mention the blacksmith? The one who insists on calling her ‘Boston.’ Can’t he even learn her real name? What is his problem? He has popped up constantly since the day she arrived on the train. Why won’t he just go away!

My thoughts

This book was really cute. Ivy made me laugh. The blacksmith was wonderful. The plot was solid. It was a really good short story. There wasn’t so much that I felt overwhelmed but it didn’t really feel short either.

While this is a Inspirational novella, God wasn’t really part of the story just part of their lives. It fit.

Rating: B+

** Many of the books I review are Advance Review Copies. These books are loaned to me for my review. I am in no way compensated for my time nor am I asked to give anything but my honest review.

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