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As Eve looks at the family of a recently deceased patriarch, all she sees is perfection. Money. Prestige. A designer doctor.

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What she doesn’t see is why. Why was he murdered? What does a semi-retired genius doctor do. There are no sports. No friends. No affairs. What challenges him? What is his purpose for living?
And why would someone kill him for it?

You won’t believe the answer.

Hott Review

This was a medical thriller beyond conception. The beginning was a bit difficult to get into but it set the scene so well that I couldn’t put it down after I got halfway through.
I can’t imagine all of the research that went into this!

Author: JD Robb
Grade: B+
Steam: Adult
Series: In Death #21

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13 Replies to “Origin In Death”

  1. I only gave this one 3 stars on goodreads. Both the criminal investigation AND the personal threads just didn’t have quite enough “umpf” for me.

    I just finished Memory In Death today. I liked it more. Plus it takes place at Christmas!

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