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Promises to Keep

This is the third novella contained in ‘A Magical Christmas Present’. Book one is ‘The Ghost of Christmas Past’ by Eugenia Riley and book two is ‘A Midnight Clear’ by Lisa Cach.

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Everyone has made that one decision that has formed the course of their life. Wouldn’t it be nice to look back on your life and change that one decision? Wouldn’t it be great to not only go back but go back knowing what you know now?

Katherine has lived her life. She’s lived. She’s prospered. She’s conquered. Yet, it’s not enough. She can’t help but look back at that one night fifty years ago. The night that she turned down the only man she’s ever fallen in love with. The night that she was made a promise that needs to be kept. Will he keep it? Even after all of this time?

My Thoughts


I know, I know, I love Victoria Alexander so it’s not really shocking that I’d love this, right? Well, I actually almost put it down. The beginning didn’t grab me as it usually does but I persevered and reaped the rewards. I absolutely loved this book!!

Katherine made me laugh. She was so full of herself. So absolutely snarky. Michael was such a perfect man it’s impossible that he exists yet he was perfect for the story.

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy
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