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The streets of New York City have a new guardian.

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No, the city’s finest haven’t hired again. Instead, a terrorist organization has decided that the city streets need a bit of purification.

First, on the list was middle school pusher. No big loss, right? Next up was the well funded pedophile. Even better, many will cheer his loss. Sure, they’ve claimed that only the criminals will be executed but who gets final say on who is a criminal?

But, the line drawn by the law is a bit more rigid. No matter that these were criminals who managed to ‘outsmart’ the system who should be behind bars. The were murdered and Eve must stand for them. To Eve’s mind the law is black and white, though there are some areas that she does push, Eve believes in the law and stands behind it.

What’s hardest on Eve is knowing that many won’t understand why the guardians needed to be stopped — maybe even her own husband.

My Thoughts

This was the first book in the ‘In Death’ series that I ever read. It pulled me and I was soon an Eve fanatic. I believe that in this book – more than any of the others – the readers gets to see Eve. You can see her need for the law. You can see her need for friendship. You can see her need for her husband.

This book remains my favorite because no matter how many times I read it, I feel Eve most in this book. It explains why she and Roarke keep coming back to the same battle. Why she has binded with these people. Why she puts up with McNab’s skipping. It shows her genuine love for her friends that occasionally gets lost in the plot of some of the other books.

Rating: A+
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Steam: Adult – Not as descriptive as some, but still.
Series: In Death, 17
Publisher: Piatkus Books Publish Date: 1/6/2002
ISBN: 0749934417 Price: $6.99(GR)

** Many of the books I review are Advance Review Copies. These books are loaned to me for my review. I am in no way compensated for my time nor am I asked to give anything but my honest review.

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  1. Great review. Eve sounds interesting.

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