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Review: Purses & Poison

Haley Randolph is a misfit. Her mother is a beauty queen. Her sister is a model. Her father is an engineer. Haley works in a department store. She’s sort-of dating the owner – she’s not completely sure. She has a purse fetish… obsession. 

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And she’s mixed herself in the midst of a murder, again. 

Haley attends a banquet to honor the Holt’s Department Store employees and offers to fill in when one of the waitresses gets sick. Then she sees a friend of her mother’s – one who would tell Haley’s mother that she worked in a department store – oh, not, can’t let Mom find out about that! So she rushes in and finds a wig and sunglasses – no one recognizes her. Then someone turns up dead and the now ‘missing’ waitress is the suspect.  Should Haley tell them it was her?

This book was stupid! 

First, I can promise that I’d be staring at a waitress that has on sunglasses. And, if I was already staring at her, I’m sure I’d notice that she had on a wig. Even a good one – which this one probably wasn’t because according to Haley the stuff is way below her.

Second, the book is told in first person & I hated it! Haley says – I hate __ but it’s __ fault. Grrr. Or she says, I did this, well, not really. It’s really quite annoying. 

Third, she’s really a bit slow. I mean it. She’s a complete ditz – so how did she solve that first murder? Yeah, I don’t think so.

It wasn’t a terrible book, but for me, this is not something enjoyable at this point in my life… maybe as a pre-teen I would have enjoyed it…

Rating: D
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