Julie Dockport is not going back to prison! It doesn’t matter that the cops know she did it.

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It didn’t matter the last time. Well, it wouldn’t have if that irritating Dallas hadn’t joined the team! The rest were all men – and what do they know, really?

They just saw a pretty face. She’d offed several husbands before she’d hit New York. Well, Julie has a score to settle and Eve’s at the top of her list.

Out on good behavior? Seriously? Who in their right mind lets a murderess out on good behavior? Apparently, the Dockport ‘Rehabilitation’ Clinic. What ever happened to good old prisons? Now, they’re called Rehabilitation Clinics. And the inmates? Clients. And these bozos just can’t believe that Julie Dockport could have killed again – she’d been rehabilitated. She answered all of the questions correctly.

Go figure.

My Thoughts

I believe that this is one of my favorites in the ‘In Death’ Series.

First, I loved Julie Dockport! Her character was so very much fun. She was just what I liked to see. A prim and proper miss who doesn’t like to chip a nail but loved to watch them die.

I also enjoyed Eve in this installment. I don’t always and there were occasions that she seemed a bit off character but all in all everything fit her personality.

Things I love about Eve:

  • She files her chocolate under ‘M’ for Mine.
  • She doesn’t need a lavish office, make-up, or wardrobe because she just is.
  • She loves her friends even when she wants to smack them for being idiots.
  • She hates meds and med centers.
  • She gets mad first and thinks it through later.
  • She loves her hubby – though she doesn’t always know why

No, I’m not on the Roarke bandwagon but I must say that I love how he is with her – whether angry or happy. He is just honest.

Rating: A+
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Steam: WHOA! Explicit Steaminess!

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  1. I totally agree! I'm not on the Roarke bandwagon, either. I just love how attentive he is to Eve no matter what. 🙂

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