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Review: 40 Days to Better Living: Depression

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An all-consuming black hole that just sucks you in – mind and body.

No, I’m not being dramatic. People who deal with depression can very quickly spiral into the depths of despair. Frequently seemingly simple tasks such as focusing, thinking, eating, and exercise are so far out of their reach it seems that life will never work it’s way back around.

Then there is the lack of support. Sure, everyone wants to help but their suggestions always whittle down to either ‘get over it’ or ‘stop feeling like that.’ Neither of those suggestions fix anything.

But the worst thing? The ‘Christians’ and even some pastors who tell you that if you’re depressed then you are obviously not following God. Or, they tell you that if you’d just pray about it everything will be better.

Well, there is a better answer. By combining your faith, medical, movement work, support and nutrition you can find the solution to help to get you back out of the mire and back on the road to being the real you, again.

Hott Review

I loved how this book ‘gets’ it. It’s a non-judgmental resource to help Christians work through their depression before it leads to despair. It can help you to remember: that God still loves you, that there are actual people around that will support you, the things in your life to be thankful for, what God says about depression, and how to take control once again.
If you or a friend is currently struggling, please, grab this resource for them today.

But don’t forget – if they’ve begun to despair take them to a doctor ASAP.

Author: Scott Morris
Grade: A

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