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Review: A Log Cabin Christmas

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Snow Angel
by Margaret Brownley

When a new teacher and three trying students get snowed in to the drafty, broken down schoolhouse in the middle of no where days before Christmas, it seems that the only person able to come to their rescue is the sheriff. It’s a good thing he hasn’t celebrated Christmas in years because he’ll probably be there for days.
The Christmas Secret
by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Elizabeth is in shock. She is happily cleaning the cabin she and her soon to be husband will soon be occupying when she finds a journal her aunt left behind years ago. Though she knows she shouldn’t, Elizabeth reads her aunt’s personal thoughts and finds a secret so shocking that runs, hoping that not to be found by the man she’s deserting.
Christmas Traps and Trimmings
by Kelly Eileen Hake

When Mina’s father dies, leaving her with an unaccounted for guardian, she’s left in the clutches of a cousin, who’s decided the easiest means to her money is marriage. Refusing to succumb to her fate, Mina manages to con her way out of London and towards America and the last known address of her guardian.
A Star in the Night
by Liz Johnson
After spending a haunting time caring for wounded soldiers Cora finds an almost dead Yankee soldier not far from her rural Tennessee home. Both she and the soldier, Jed, are haunted by memories of the dead and dying. Maybe together they can find a way to stop the memories.
The Courting Quilt
by Jane Kirkpatrick

Now a widow, Mary has no idea how she’ll manage to keep the general store open that she and her husband so faithfully constructed together. Yet, since his death two more modern and larger stores have moved into the small town where she has built her life. Mary’s only hope is to provide the town with something they won’t get anywhere else. But what?
And then a salesman walks through her door.
Under His Wings
by Liz Tolsma

Left by her only remaining parent as the only woman at a snowed in logging camp in the middle of winter, Adie is in quite a predicament. Of course, the most disgusting of the loggers has decided that it’s prerogative to have her as he chooses.
The Dogtrot Christmas
by Michelle Ule

Luis arrives home from a war he wanted no part of to find that his brother-in-law has been selling the land Luis inherited from his grandfather. How could Mamacita allow this to happen? How will he get rid of his brother-in-law? How will he ever get his land back?
A Grand County Christmas
by Debra Ullrick

Hunger will make you desperate. It will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. It can make you trudge through the countryside in a blizzard with your late father’s rifle in the middle of a white out. It can also make you go home with the first person to offer you a meal.
Christmas Service
by Erica Vetsch

Beth is destined to be the wife of a pastor. She knows she is. Her mother always told her so and besides, her mother married a pastor, her grandmother married a pastor, so it stands to reason that Beth should, as well. Right?
There is no way that the new deacon or her grandfather will through a wrench into God’s plan for her. Because Beth knows that’s His plan or does she?

Hott Review

Awesome! There were a couple of stories in there that were a bit slow for me and I didn’t enjoy that so many of the books centered around women without parents but overall this was a terrific series of novellas that I enjoyed immensely. Especially that last one!

Rating: A
Steam: Y/A

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