Nov 162011

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Blackmail requires planning.

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First you must know the worth of your information. Asking for more than your opposition is willing or able to pay is never beneficial to either party.

Second, you must know your opposition. Blackmailing someone who will fight back is never a wise move.

Third, you must make very certain that your opponent doesn’t have the means with which to blackmail you, as well.

Hott Review

Wilde, as always made me laugh. ‘An Ideal Husband’ while funny wasn’t quite as easy as many of his other books. You had to pay attention and follow the by-play in order to get it. There were always quite a few characters introduced right away and it was a bit difficult to keep them straight as I read.

Author: Oscar Wilde
Rating: C+
Steam: Y/A

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  2 Responses to “Review: An Ideal Husband”

  1. Is this the same story the movie an Idea Husband was based on?

  2. I honestly don't know but probably – many of Wilde's stories have been made into movies.

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