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Review: Are You Sleeping Little One?

Hott Synopsis

How do other children sleep?
The hedgehog children?
The bat children?
The bee children?
The crab children?
The children snuggling with you as you read?

Hott Review

One of my kids favorite books when they were preschoolers was Going to Sleep on the Farm. This book brought those memories back, it’s a sweet fun children’s book. Travel around and learn how different animals sleep as you get ready to doze.

Hint, Hint: It’s a board book.


Author: Hans-Christian Schmidt, Cynthia Vance
Grade: A
Ages: 1-4

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4 thoughts on “Review: Are You Sleeping Little One?

  1. Oh my word! I keep losing your blog!
    For some strange reason every few months or so I will click on your link (as usual, nothing different) and wither you blog isn’t there, or it says the site is down, or it takes me way back to your blog in 2010!
    And I can never find the new stuff. I don’t know why it does this??? And it takes me a couple weeks to find it again and fix it.
    So, I am back with you again! I didn’t mean to be ignoring you I just couldn’t find you.

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