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Review: Baby Come Home

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For the last twelve years Kendall Armstrong has

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done his absolute best to forget his high school sweetheart to no avail. It seemed almost fortuitous when he and his brothers decided to return to their home down that had been deserted after a hurricane nearly leveled everything in sight. Except now, all Kendall does is walk through the new green town with his memories missing her.

Amy Bradshaw ran from town when her aunt died and has never looked back. Well, that’s not exactly true… On her last day in town she gave Kendall the option to marry her and take her with him or to never speak to her again and she can’t help to wonder why he’s taken her at her word. But Amy has a new man in her life. One she loves more than she ever did Kendall. Yet she can’t get Kendall out of her head.

Then Kendall’s brother finds out that Amy is keeping a secret. A secret that could put Marcus out of his misery. Will he be able to use it to lure Amy back to Kendall?

Hott Review

Ugh. Secrets. Let me tell you, this secret kept me on edge wondering what would happen next throughout the whole book. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a light read – it’s just one of those things that stresses me out.

Author: Stephanie Bond
Rating: B+
Steam: Adult
Series: Southern Roads 2
Others in the series: Baby, I’m Yours, .5
Baby, Drive South, 1
Baby, Come Home, 2
Baby, Don’t Go, 3

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