Hott Synopsis

When an accountant and her fiancé are both found murdered, Eve sees stars. She knows the murders are connected – even though they occurred hours apart and in different areas of town – and she’s positive that it has something to do with the job.

But the numbers keep dancing in her head… How does Roarke like numbers?

And the babies. Mavis is due any moment and Eve needs to throw her best friend a shower whose guests will include Mavis’s entire birthing class. Hopefully no one will pop before its over.

Hott Review

Fun. Exciting.

Though I loved the mystery it took the backseat in this novel to the story. This book revolved around friendship. It was very emotional – well, for an Eve book – and quite relaxing.


Author: J.D. Robb
Grade: A
Steam: Adult
Series: In Death 23
Series: Naked in Death, 1
Glory in Death, 2
Immortal in Death, 3
Rapture in Death, 4
Ceremony in Death, 5
Vengeance in Death, 6
Holiday in Death, 7
Midnight in Death (Three in Death), 7.5
Conspiracy in Death, 8
Loyalty in Death, 9
Witness in Death, 10
Judgment in Death, 11
Betrayal in Death, 12
Interlude in Death (Three in Death), 12.5
Seduction in Death, 13
Reunion in Death, 14
Purity in Death, 15
Portrait in Death, 16
Imitation in Death, 17
Remember When: Big Jack, 17.5
Divided in Death, 18
Visions in Death, 19
Survivor in Death, 20
Origin in Death, 21
Memory in Death, 22
Haunted in Death (Three in Death), 22.5
Born in Death, 23
– Innocent in Death, 24
– Eternity in Death (Time of Death), 24.5
– Creation in Death, 25
– Strangers in Death, 26
– Salvation in Death, 27
– Ritual in Death (Time of Death), 27.5
– Promises in Death, 28
– Kindred in Death
– Missing in Death (Time of Death), 29.5
– Fantasy in Death, 30
– Indulgence in Death, 31
– Possession In Death (The Other Side), 31.5
– Treachery in Death, 32
– New York to Dallas, 33
– Chaos in Death (The Unquiet), 33.5
– Celebrity in Death, 34

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13 Replies to “Review: Born in Death”

  1. I thought this one was okay. I liked it, but not one of my favorites. The next one.. Innocent in Death is easily one of my favorites in the series so far, though! Hope you like it too! 🙂

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