The Hitching Post magazine promises to bring together the right matches for catalogue brides. If that means reading between the lines and possibly sending the bride that is the antitheses of the request, then so be it. These marriages will work!

But not without a few bumps…

And Then Came Spring

Mary-Jo Parker arrives prepared to be wed but instead attends her fianc√©’s funeral. If that isn’t bad enough, she finds that his wasn’t quite as honest with her as he should have been – he didn’t need a wife, he needed a mother to his unruly eight-year-old son.
Given the choice of returning to an unhappy household or starting fresh with the wayward child, Mary-Jo can’t help but think she’s needed here. Even if the boy’s uncle keeps getting in her way.

Review: I LOVED this! Mary-Jo is amazing! I couldn’t help but to want to be there & was terribly sad when my journey was over.

Author: Margaret Brownley
Grade: A+
Ages: 14+

An Ever-After Summer

Melvina is looking for her happily ever after when she responds to the mail-order-bride catalogue. After spending her life known as a murderess, because her parents and uncle died shortly after her birth Melvina is ready to start over! She changes her name to Ellie on the stagecoach ride to her new home and the family that desperately needs her.
Except she arrives only to find that her husband to be wasn’t hoping for a real marriage – just someone to take care of his baby. It’s his job to protect Ellie and childbirth kills so he’s not planning to fall in love and go through that ever again!

Review: Oh my! This was the absolute sweetest book! My heart just broke for Ellie and I loved watching the two of them at odds. They are hilarious!

Author: Debra Clopton
Grade: A
Ages: 16+

Autumn’s Angel

Luvena Abbott arrives with her nieces and nephews to become family to Clay Birch. She’s so happy to get them away from the shame that they’d been living under. Now they can start anew.

But Clay wasn’t expecting a family. He wanted a wife – most specifically with no children – but that silly Hitching Post got it wrong! Clay’s only recourse is to get rid of them – because this isn’t a place to raise a family & he’s not a good enough man to be a father.

Review: Oh, I SO loved Luvena! She’s a strong and true woman and has such a huge heart. Watching her trust in God daily was so heart-warming and sweet. This one is a MUST READ!

Author: Robin Lee Hatcher
Grade: A+
Ages: 14+

Winter Wedding Bells

The Hitching Post can’t believe David Laramie would be so arrogant as to know what God will so, when Megan McBride receives his letter it’s missing an entire page explaining that he’s dying and really just wants a mother for his children.

It’s not until after they’re married that Megan learns that David believes he’s dying… and David learns how stubborn Megan can be!

Review: WOW! I LOVED this!! This was absolutely the greatest & I’d have spent the $ buying just this novella that I did on the whole book (trust me – that’s high praise!). I’ll be reading this again many times!

Author: Mary Connealy
Grade: A+

Overall Review:

I’m so sorry that I waited to read this book! This is one of the best books I’ve read this year! It’s a must keep book – and the only thing I didn’t like about it was the cover, that made it seem, to me, that the book was going to be depressing for some reason.


Source: I’d forgotten that I’d gotten A Bride for All Seasons from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley & purchased it for my kindle on 12/20/2013 for $1.99.
Overall Grade: A+
Ages: 16+
Steam: YA


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