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Review | Buyer Beware

Finding Truth in the Marketplace of Ideas

Hott Synopsis:

It’s all a sales ploy.

From the newspapers to reality tv.
From the street to the church.
From the library to the Bible.

What are you buying?

In Buyer Beware, Janet Parshall, walks us through the myriad of choices and ‘purchases’ we make every day and helps us to biblically discern where to go to make informed purchasing decisions.

Hott Review:

What I liked: I was intrigued by the ideas brought forth in this book and loved thinking through each topic in a new and intuitive perspective.
What I didn’t like: A handful of pages was missing from the beginning of my review copy and I never felt like I caught up. The book mainly references Paul Bunyon’s The Pilgrim’s Progress and there was a bit missing for me as I’d never read that book. The book was also inconsistent in terminology, referring to people with their different titles, which is confusing if you haven’t heard them referred to that way previously.

All in all, I don’t regret reading it but it wasn’t an easy read.


Author: Janet Parshall
Source: Moody Publishers via Netgalley
Grade: C
Setting: Vanity Fair


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