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Escape. That’s exactly what Misty needs – a way to escape. High school is definitely not what she expected and if that evil Annabelle doesn’t stop posting horrid lies about her Misty isn’t sure what she’ll do.
She’s suggested several means of escape but neither her teacher, Laura Reed, nor her Doctor, J. C. Fullerton, seem able to give her the leeway she needs to disappear — No, they think it’s best that she face the problem head on instead of running. Adults! They haven’t a clue!!
On top of everything else, now they’re spending tons of time together trying to get to the bottom of Misty’s problem!
Will they figure it out before the town gets involved? or before Misty does something desperate?

Hott Review

I just couldn’t put this down. It was so much more than a romance.
What I liked: While there are many players in this book, Misty and the people she turned to in her time of need are the focal points. It’s written in such a way that the romance is highlighted but so are the horrors of bullying and the terror of high school.
What I didn’t like: There were really a lot of players and even though I knew many of them from reading other books it was still a bit confusing at times.


Author: Sherryl Woods
Source: Harlequin via Netgalley
Grade: A+
Steam: YA
Series: The Sweet Magnolias, #9

My Review

My Review

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  2 Responses to “Review: Catching Fireflies”

  1. Oh my goodness! A+??? Wow, I have only read one other Sheryl Woods and I liked it very much. There are so many others I want to read. The cover on this one is breath-taking. Well I guess this is going on my wish list!

    • I haven’t loved all of them in this series but this particular book just touched me not only because of the writing but because of the subject matter. Several times I was on the verge of taking action myself!

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