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When Catie Conrad asked her father to pick her up sketch books while he was out she should have known he’d get the wrong thing. But he’s a journalist, for goodness sakes, he should be able to tell a sketcbook from a dairy!

Maybe Catie can use these diaries to keep her prayer list… to remember who to pray for, and why. That wouldn’t make it a diary, would it?

Hott Review:

As my tween niece would say – Adorbs!
What I liked: ‘Catie Conrad: Faith, Friendship and Fashion Disasters’ is a perfect tween read! There are several things that I loved:

  1. It’s laid out as a series of diary entries. Which means, short chapters for reluctant readers.
  2. It’s got plenty of stories about what they’re currently going through – even the school projects are right on target!
  3. The book is riddled with fashion designs and examples that all tweens will adore and that makes it MUCH easier for reluctant readers to enjoy.
  4. Every entry is a cute story with a plan on how to deal with it and sometimes, a what not to do. 😉
  5. The entire book reinforces a need for God in our daily life and in every situation.

What I didn’t like: I’m surrounded by tweens ;O (Not all my own) and they all want to read this — both the avid & reluctant readers — so either I’m going to need to get more copies or we’re going to need to teach them to share again…


Author: Angie Spady, Channing Everidge (Ills)
Source: Shelton Interactive (Publicist)
Grade: A
Ages: 9-14
Setting: Middle School! (6th Grade)
Series: Desperate Diva Diaries, #1

Author Bio:

Author Angela Spady is an award-winning educator, curriculum author, and mother to two daughters in Kentucky and New Mexico. Her innovative teaching techniques have been featured on PBS, in KY Teacher Magazine, and in various print media around the country. She is a noted advocate for encouraging art and self-expression among children, and is often sought out by both parents and teachers on this critical topic. She lives in Taos, New Mexico with her husband Steve, and can often be seen writing, painting, or simply gazing upon the Sangre de Cristo mountains for a little inspiration.

Websites & Links: author's website twitter facebook


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