Hott Synopsis

Have you ever heard that the “Squeaky wheel gets the grease”?

Well, if Glenn Beck is the wheel then Michael Charney is the grease.

With an abject desire to determine if Glenn Beck is really what he says he is, Michael Charney embarks upon a twitter campaign to see if anyone can really be that extreme.

Stop in and see what surfaces…

Hott Review

I still remember being told not to ‘poke a sleeping bear’ just as I was about to do something that would cause a tremendous reaction – and that’s exactly what I was repeating in my head as I read this book.

Though well written and interesting this book is a great resource. It’s an awesome ‘how to make twitter work for you’ book. Honestly, this book is also a great book to give to this up and coming generation to show them the power your words can have in social media.

Thank you for this lesson!


Author: Michael Charney
Grade: B

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