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Review: Cinder and Ella

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What if? What if things weren’t really the way that we thought?

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What if history has really been distorted? What if what we learned that things weren’t nearly what they’ve been made out to be?

Sisters Cinder and Ella are complete opposites. They become even more so with the disappearance of their father, the desolation of their mother, the self-centeredness of their older sister and the dependence of their younger sister.

What if two people spent so much time together that one was just forgotten? Even though Ella lives in the same house as her family she has been forgotten. Even their mother has forgotten has forgotten that the girls are individuals.

Maybe now Ella will have time to figure out how to defeat the evil prince, find their father and set the family back to normal.

Hott Review

What a twist! I absolutely love it when authors take a classic and twist into a completely new story or tell it from a different perspective. While I didn’t love this particular story, I did love the restructure.

I’m not sure why I didn’t like this suffice it to say that it just didn’t keep my attention.

Author: Melissa Lemon
Rating: C+
Steam: YA

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