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Joyce Fishman’s out-of-the-box thinking and artistic gifts have led to Collective Soles, a unique book reminding us that shoes are more than soulless objects of fashion, and that each shoe contains a soul within its sole. Delightfully illustrated, this lovely little book celebrates the essence of shoes and their owners. Some of the shoes you’ll meet include flip-flops, who are free spirits, and flat shoes-good, solid citizens. Cleated soles grip the earth, their spirit moving forward unencumbered. Orthopedic shoes help support sagging arches and lift the step with the wisdom of having lived well. Stilettos are high-spirited, tall and sleek, giving you a better vantage point from which to scan the room. Collective Soles will inspire you to think about your journey and what types of soles express your own soul!

Hott Review:

Collective Soles is my favorite in the Shoe Banter series! I still don’t love the watercolors, but they’re set off my dark pages and vibrant colors. I really just enjoyed looking at all of the different kinds of shoes. Plus the verses are cute.


Author: Joyce Fishman, author & illustrator
Source: Joyce Fishman
Grade: C+
Ages: 2+
Series: Shoe Banter


Running Shoes

Collective Soles

Author Bio:

Brenda Finne & Joyce Fishman have backgrounds in teaching, writing and the arts. Sisters, Brenda pens the stories and Joyce then illustrates them. Brenda is a former choreographer/ dancer who now adapts her keen sense of movement and words to various art mediums and Joyce is an art teacher and owns her own music studio. They reside in the San Francisco area.

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