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You know that old creepy house that no one will enter? The one where there is a solitary individual living there that the neighbors all believe could actually be dead?

Well, Courtney’s parents have moved their family into that house.

Don’t worry though, things get better for the poor dear. She finds odd creatures living with her. She’s bullied by everyone at school. And the crazy owner? Yup, her uncle.

Watch as Courtney mystifies them all.

Hott Review

While this book wasn’t terribly inappropriate it wasn’t something that I felt was necessary for my children to read. I picked it up one evening and began reading it to them only to discover that much of the language and content weren’t what I wanted to be shared in my home.


Author: Ted Naifeh
Grade: C
Ages: 15+
Steam: Language

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4 Replies to “Review: Courtney Crumrin and The Night Things”

  1. I saw this book at BEA and took a picture of it for my friend so that I can remember to buy it. Her name is Courtney and she’s always saying that it’s just not a name that you come across a lot in books. She’s turning 30 later this year, so at least I don’t have to worry if it’s appropriate for her! 😉

    1. It wasn’t terrible but I picked it up to read to my son at a conservative private school ball game, I didn’t make it through the first quarter before we had to choose something else…
      Maybe if I’d been at home and reading it silently I would have had a different reaction.

      Oh, he I wish I could go to BEA.

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