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Review | Death’s Academy

Hott Synopsis:

Night isn’t sure how he managed to fail the test but he did. Now he only gets one more chance to show that he too can be a reaper. He can follow that family tradition or honor instead of traipsing along in his father’s footsteps – whatever that means.

But after a brush with the law Night finds himself even more unsure and determined.

Hott Review:

I’m on the fence with this one.
What I liked: I really enjoyed the writing style. It was intriguing & kept me reading even though I wasn’t enjoying some of the plot.
What I didn’t like: Night. He’s very much a typical teen – rude and selfish – and he’s very disrespectful to his father. It was very sad, even though I could see that Night was going to prove himself and that his relationship with his father would change in the end, and I just couldn’t read further.


Author: Michael Bast
Source: Cedar Fort Publishing & Media via Netgalley
Grade: DNF
Ages: middle-grade

Author Bio:

Michael Bast was born in the hostile deserts of Arizona where outside of a handful of years he has lived his entire life. What is odd is that each year around May he begins to wonder why he still lives in Arizona as the temperatures rise and simmer in the triple digits.
Mike’s background is in film-making where he created several documentaries and independent films. He loves movies, sports and torturing his four kids.

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