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Review: Deathscape

Hott Synopsis

Ashley is hiding. No one is after her. She’s not done anything. Ashley just doesn’t want to be seen as the crazy person her mother was. Especially, since the accident last year. The accident that began these insane visions of death that hound her until she paints them.

Until the day she paints one who isn’t quite dead. One where she recognizes the setting. Could saving this victim rid her of these life-altering visions.

Not when the victim turns out to be a cop who immediately decides that she’s partnering with the serial killer. A cop who has spent his career tracking down a man who just won’t be caught.

What we have here is a mystery that can only be solved by an obsessed cop and a loony artist.

Hott Review

Absolutely Fabulous!!
What I liked: Don’t laugh but I finished this in one evening. I couldn’t put it down. I was caught in the author’s web and just couldn’t put this book down.
What I didn’t like: With the exception of a couple of steamy thoughts the book was just a romantic suspense that everyone could enjoy. The last couple of pages killed that but, if you’re willing to skip those last couple of pages you could read 100% of the book without the steam.


Author: Dana Marton    ~                    
Source: Author
Grade: A+
Steam: YA – until the last five-ish pages…

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