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Review | Do I Need a Boyfriend

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Everything is changing. You’ve entered middle school and now, everything that was so easy weeks ago has become confusing and difficult. Your body isn’t the same. Your feelings aren’t the same. Your friends aren’t the same.

Suddenly, those your friends are calling boys “cute” and acting crazy when they walk in the room. What’s the deal? Do you need to change to be like them or are you ok as you are?

You are not alone – Read Do I Need a Boyfriend to learn more!

Hott Review:

Do I Need a Boyfriend? may not ever become a literary classic but I think that it’s an essential read for middle-grade girls! This book clearly depicts the crazy emotions and confusion of adolescence in an honest and naive way that many girls – and their moms – will appreciate & enjoy.
It’s a perfect conversation starter for those with rocky relationships and those who know there’s more but can’t remember what more to discuss.
I especially liked this book because it’s not a Christian book but is still showing our pre-teens that it’s okay to just be themselves and to not let boys define them.


Author: Jessica Arnold
Source: I got this as an Amazon Free Read on March 14, 2013
Publisher & Date: February 6th 2012 by Marquette Press
Genre: Middle-Grade
Pages: 12
Grade: B
Ages: 9-13
Steam: Nada
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Author Bio:

At the age of fourteen, Jessica has written and illustrated seven books.

Jessica’s fictional characters are models of who she would like to be. Jessica’s characters face difficulties, disabilities and emotional challenges, but they always prevail, inform and unite people, so in a way, she admires their strength.

Jessica Arnold writes books for children. Her first book, “I am Good at Lots of Things” was started when she was just seven and completed when she was twelve out of a need to write something that made kids feel good about themselves.

Jessica thinks that self-confidence is the key to getting through some of the pressures kids have to deal with. Her messages are always positive, and she illustrates her own books with her lively, expressive artistic style.

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