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Hott Synopsis:

“If you were responsible for losing a grandmother, nearly burning down your house, and making your mom cry, all in the same day” you’d be in a world of trouble like Colin is.

What’s a boy to do when he’s up against a world of trolls that are wreaking havoc on his life and the lives of those he hold most dear? Definitely not what he’ll do next!

Hott Review:

I couldn’t put this down! I’m not a YA or children’s read junkie, I read them to find stuff for the kids but this is one book that I read completely! It was so much fun. It seemed so real. Even my thirteen year old reluctant reading son read this one. I’m also counting the minutes to read it to my much younger nieces & nephews! — This is one for the shelf!


Author: M.G. King
Source: Amazon Free Read on May 22, 2013. I probably wouldn’t have read it though if the author hadn’t sent me a note asking me to review it…
Grade: A
Ages: 5+

Author Bio:

M.G. KingI became a writer in the third grade, when my best friend started the illustrious Cat Courier and needed reporters to capture feline news around the Jeffersonville, Indiana neighborhoods where we lived. We sold copies up and down the block for 5 cents each.

I’ve held a few jobs since then. I’ve been a camp counselor, ESL instructor in Japan, and a registered nurse who has worked critical care, transplant, and surgical recovery. The only job I’ve ever been fired from was my brief stint as a short order breakfast cook — I’ve never been able flip fried eggs over easy without breaking the yolks.

Now I live in Texas with my husband and two sons, a Labrador named Bowzer and a cat named Mews, who all keep me laughing. We spend a lot of time looking for homework and lost keys under the books that clutter our house

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