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Eleven is a big year. It’s all downhill after that.

Tyler’s dad spends his days studying the stars, so when Tyler”s aunt and uncle have a star named Ty Sato after him he decides it’s the coolest birthday gift ever.

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Not impressed, Dad takes Tyler and his friends to work with him the following evening to find the star. What they find instead, is that this star is actually an asteroid hurling directly towards earth.

Or is it?

Hott Review

Star Trek for 10 yr olds!

A really cute book. It seemed a bit long to me but the boys really got into it.

Author: Greg R. Fishbone
Rating: B
Steam: N/A
Series: Galaxy Games #1

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  1. This one looks good! I’ll have to see about getting it for my kiddos for their new Nooks 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Gina! By the by, I’m LOVING my new site! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

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