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Review & Giveaway | The Seahorse Legacy

Hott Synopsis:

Erielle de Gladiel has been dreaming of knighthood since she was a child. Unfortunately, the reality isn’t anything like her dreams. She’d expected to fight and to win battles not the constant authority and boredom.

And maybe she just doesn’t handle authority as well as she should.

Cazien de Pollis, king of pirates, is furious that Erielle has become a knight! According to the marriage contract she is his & should swear fealty only to him. Of course, he only has himself to blame as he still hasn’t told her about the contract or the necessity of their marriage.

Can Cazien bow to the contract and marry his wife before the unrest in the surrounding lands becomes a greater problem?

My synopsis could never do this book justice!

Hott Review:

This book killed me! I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t cook. I couldn’t focus on work until it was finished. Then I almost cried because I couldn’t read the next one. Oh Serena! You’re killing me!

I LOVED this book!! (Obviously) I can’t even describe how she manages to pull an adventure, romance, mystery, thriller, fairy tale, and the salvation message into one book that’s appropriate for all ages. This book is a MUST READ!! (Well, so are the other two!)


Author: Serena Chase
Source: Serena Chase (I begged shamelessly as soon as I found out it was nearing completion)
Grade: A++
Ages: 16+
Steam: YA
Setting: E’veria & Surrounding Areas
Series: Eyes of E’veria #3

Author Bio:

Serena Chase lives in Iowa with her husband, two teen daughters, and one very spoiled (but really adorable) dog, Albus. A frequent contributor to USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog, she also writes for Edgy Inspirational Romance. Serena has served as a youth leader for high school students at her church, coaches her local high school’s Color Guard, and drinks entirely too much coffee between these and her daughters’ activities.

Readers, find more about Serena Chase by visiting her website www.serenachase.com She is also on Twitter @Serena_Chase and you can “like” her official author page on Facebook to keep up to date on contests, news, giveaways, and upcoming releases.


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