Hott Synopsis

Kate’s wonderful ever-after is rudely interrupted by none other than an awakening Cronus.

The brothers race after him to find out how he’s managing to escape and when they don’t return the sisters follow – leaving few remaining.Not wanting to leave her husband in the clutches of his maniacal father, Kate goes to the only person she can’t stand for help – her husband’s ex and her older sister – Persephone.

Hott Review

In many ways this story was more dramatic and more adventurous than the first. Kate must drag her best friends on a futile mission fraught with danger and certain death in order to save her husband and mother.

Even though I really liked it and can’t wait for the next one… there was just something missing.


Author: Aimee Carter
Grade: B+
Ages: 16+
Steam: Y/A
Series: Goddess Test 2
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The Goddess Test, 1

The Goddess Hunt, 1.5

Goddess Interrupted, 2
(Coming July 2012)
The Goddess Legacy, 2.5
(Coming July 2012)
The Goddess Inheritance, 3


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