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Review: Goodbye to All That

Hott Synopsis

What would make a woman walk out on her husband after forty-two years? Doug, Jill, and Melissa just can’t fathom what could have caused this shift. Their parents are separating — well, really their mom just walked out. She’d rather be a clerk at the local market than continue living the cushy life of a prominent heart specialist?!

This shift has definitely caused a fissure in the family. No taking sides yet but they are definitely wondering how they going to cope. Doug can’t understand how she could leave when she’s always been so happy; his wife, Brooke, can’t figure out why Doug thought his mother was happy. Melissa just knows this is going to ruin her life, divorce always ruins the lives of the children, right? She’s only thirty! Jill, well, Miss. Goody-Two-Shoes can’t help but wonder what it was that finally broke the camel’s back and whether she will find the same straw at her mom’s age.

Hott Review

This is not my typical type of read, but once I picked it up I just couldn’t stop. There was just something there that always drug me back into the characters lives, wanting to know how they fixed this, how they coped, and whether any of them grew from this. I will admit that it took me a while to finish, I didn’t enjoy the despair or anger that this family went through especially since it felt so very real.


Author: Judith Arnold
Source: Bell Bridge Books via Netgalley
Grade: C+

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