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Review | In Search of Livi Starling

In Search of Livi Starling by Karen Rosario Ingerslev

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Despite her best efforts, Livi Starling will probably never make the history books. Her life is far too ordinary. Unless you count her talent for animal noises, her inability to tell the truth, her insatiable desire for a mother, or the fact that her only friend is a painfully shy Jesus-Freak who collects banana stickers.

Having been brought up in the sleepy countryside by her older sister, Livi is endlessly curious about the great life she could have had and takes no time in reinventing herself upon their arrival in a new city. However, her quest for greatness is about to be disrupted by two small things:

Her father is just around the corner.

She is not who she thinks she is.

Hott Review:

What I liked: In Search of Livi Starling is an amazing book for readers of all ages. I loved how it detailed Livi’s search for herself in a fun way but still kept the impact of the reality of Livi’s life without making light of it.
Through most of the book I truly didn’t like Livi. My heart went out to her though and I just couldn’t put her aside. Even early on my heart was too wrapped up in this girl who so needed someone to love her.
I can say that I was a bit confused through most of this about why it was Christian Fiction. It did eventually come through and is an amazing testimonial.
What I didn’t like: Honestly, the one thing that I really disliked about In Search of Livi Starling is that it’s told in first-person.

In Search of Livi Starling is a book I’d recommend for many. It’s something I’ll eventually share with my sheltered teen daughter but I’m not sure she’s ready for the reality of this quite yet. I’d suggest reading this before sharing it – you’re going to want to talk with your child about much of Livi’s life.


Author: Karen Rosario Ingerslev
Source: I borrowed In Search of Livi Starling for free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription on October 19, 2016.
Publisher & Date: September 23rd 2016 by Pure & Fire
Genre: YA Christian Fiction
ISBN: 0993432700 (ISBN13: 9780993432705)
Pages: 268
Grade: B+
Ages: 14+
Steam: None
Setting: Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Series: Livi Starling, #1
In Search of Livi Starling
In Search of Livi Starling
Being Livi Starling
Being Livi Starling
Livi Starling Loves
Livi Starling Loves
The Flight of Livi Starling
The Flight of Livi Starling

From the Writer:

Karen Rosario IngerslevAs a teenager I spent many long hours trawling through bookshops and charity shops in search of a *certain* book. I didn’t know what the book would be called or even what it would be about. I just knew I was searching for something that would help me understand the meaning of life and how to find true fulfilment. In many ways, Livi’s story echoes my own- my journey of losing hope and being nobody to finding faith and learning I am everything to Him.

I realised recently that I had written the books I was looking for all those years ago. I’m not saying the Livi Starling books have all the answers, but I hope they will point you to the One who does.

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