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Review: Joy the Summer Vacation Fairy

Hott Synopsis

Kirsty and Rachel are thrilled

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to be returning to Rainspell Island! After the adventures they had there last year they’re sure that nothing will be as fun as their first summer there but still are hoping for an adventure. Then strange things begin happening – wonderful, but strange things.

While on the fairy nearing the island the girls meet Joy, the summer vacation fairy. Joy is excited for the summer vacations coming but concerned because Jack Frost is already wreaking havoc on the island. He will only get worse.

Hott Review

I have enjoyed many in this series with my daughter and nieces. The kids simply crave these books and I can’t say no – anymore than Mom could tell me no to Nancy Drew ;).

These are quick reads and terrific for bedtime stories because of the length of the chapters. If you’ve not grabbed a Fairy Story you need to grab one.
(FYI – these are on my Christmas list for the 4-8 year old girls.)

Author: Daisy Meadows
Rating: B+
Steam: N/A
Series: Rainbow Magic

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