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Raised in a series of hotels while helping her father, Shannon Kavanaugh, research and write his book, Kerry knew they had little and her mother wanted more. When Shannon’s death shatters the illusion that life is fine, Kerry’s mother goes on a spending spree and hastily marries a louse that had been dogging her steps since she was a teen.

Knowing the only way to proceed is to get her father’s book published so that she’ll have the money to fix her mother’s poor judgement, Kerry runs away and boards a ship to New York and her father’s publisher. While on board, sheltered Kerry will meet up with several tests.

Kerry finally realizes that she’ll need someone to trust – but, will it be God?

Hott Review:

What I liked: I couldn’t put Kerry down! I loved the character of Kerry’s mother, Isobel. She’s a selfish, childish adult and I really liked that she finally left unprotected and needed to be an adult. It felt very reflective of what I see happen so often around me and I think it’s an important lesson, especially to the YA crowd that reads these.
I loved the character of Kerry. She’s a strong, mature, humble girl that reacts well to difficult circumstances and unwanted attention. Everyone can learn from her composure!
What I didn’t like: The copy I acquired has several typos, it is a galley and several years old so the errors have probably been fixed, but it was a bit distracting.
Also, a little of halfway through the book felt like a good stopping point, but the novel continues making it a bit boring and tedious for a while.
Personal Note: It’s so funny to me, watching how God works. While reading this book, sometimes, while I was reading the very page, I was brought questions about God from my children and had the answers right there in front of me.


Author: Grace Livingston Hill
Source: Barbour Books via Netgalley (A million years ago)
Grade: B+
Ages: 15+
Steam: YA
Setting: New York
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Series: Grace Livingston Hill, 5

Grace Livingston Hill

A popular author of her day she wrote over 100 novels and numerous short stories of religious and Christian fiction. Her characters were most often young female ingénues, frequently strong Christian women or those who become so within the confines of the story.


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