The Ladies' Room

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Secrets told in the church ladies’ room are supposed to stay in the ladies’ room. But that doesn’t mean that what Trudy overhears there during her great-aunt Gertrude’s funeral won’t change the rest of her life.

Trudy has a daughter in the middle of a major rebellion, a two-timing husband who has been cheating for their entire married life, and a mother with Alzheimer’s residing in the local nursing home. She doesn’t really need a crumbling old house about to fall into nothing but a pile of memories and broken knickknacks.

Billy Lee Tucker, resident oddball in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, lived next door to Gert, and in her will she leaves him the funds to help Trudy remodel the old house. That’s fine with Billy Lee, because he’s been in love with Trudy since before they started school. And just spending time with her is something he’d never ever allowed himself to dream about.

A beautiful home rises up from the old house on Broadway, and right along with it rises up a relationship. But is Trudy too scarred from what she heard in the ladies’ room to see a lovely future with Billy Lee?

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Hott Review:

It’s amazing the things you’ll hear when nobody knows you’re around. Unfortunately, that’s how Trudy found out her daughter was married and her husband was cheating on her… since they’d been married. You’d think it’d be strangers gossiping, but no, it was Trudy’s own cousins. While she wad in the stall at their great-aunt’s funeral. Seriously.

I’m so proud of Trudy! She may have spent most of her life being a wishy-washy people-pleaser but she managed to turn her life around just in time.

I loved watching the story unfold, especially her hubby Drew and his darling accessory. I liked that Trudy’s cousins were nasty – I know that sounds odd but so often we read aboutamazing families and not everyone has one – and that she made renewed friendships and found great new people that were worthy of her love and respect.


Author: Carolyn Brown
Source: I purchased The Ladies’ Room on March 3, 2017 when it was on sale for $1.
Publisher & Date: September 4th 2012 by Montlake Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1612186424 (ISBN13: 9781612186429)
Pages: 224
Grade: A
Steam: YA — some foul language but few and far between
Setting: Tishomingo, Oklahoma


Author Bio:

Carolyn BrownCarolyn Brown is a New York Times bestselling author with more than sixty books published, and credits her eclectic family for her humor and writing ideas. Carolyn was born in Texas but grew up in southern Oklahoma where she and her husband, Charles, a retired English teacher, make their home. They have three grown children and enough grandchildren to keep them young.

Websites & Links: Carolyn Brown's website Carolyn Brown's facebook


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