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Getting this self-entitled frat boy out of the jungle is Mitch’s only priority. Well, it was until, a gorgeous woman on the run begs Mitch for help. But it doesn’t take long for her to show her true colors and they begin a battle of spies over the poor little frat boy.

Will the frat boy be returned to the South American drug lords he angered or the Kansas governor father who is looking for him?

Hott Review

Thank You, Ms. Martin! I’ve been completely disinterested in reading – actually haven’t completed a book in weeks – until I grudgingly picked this up.

I loved it! This was a cross between a romance, a spy novel, and a South American adventure. I’ll enjoy any of the three of those genres but wrapped in this nice little package it was an unstoppable hit for me!


Author: Dana Martin
Grade: A
Steam: Jungle Steam!

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15 Replies to “Review: Last Spy Standing”

    1. It’s not really but it was a lot of fun! It was a bit like combining the movies The Rundown, Indiana Jones, and some sexy movie I have yet to see 😉
      I really like her writing, it always drags me in!!

    1. yeah, I wasn’t so hot for the cover. I wouldn’t have picked it up at all if I hadn’t read the author’s previous works. I’m glad I was mistaken though!

  1. They’re in an amazing location, the South American jungle, but during all these hikes through the jungle, and fights rolling around on the ground, there are many references to “poisonous bugs and snakes” but few other descriptions to create a strong sense of place for me as a reader. The jungle is so rich with life and danger, and as a location it really drives a lot of this story, yet it’s underdeveloped. Overall, Last Spy Standing was a fun, sexy read, and the intense action and growing relationship made for a great escape from reality!

    1. You are right – and though I love book settings for me the interactions are more important so I don’t necessarily notice. I will, however, complain if there is no character depth or if a character doesn’t stay true.
      Thanks for your awesome comment. I love to discuss the books we read!!

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