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Lily Trehearne is on the run from a pompous arrogant fool who believes he can force Lily to marry his son. Using his close relation and subsequent guardianship over Lily her father’s cousin, a pastor, informs Lily that it’s God’s intention that she marry his lily-livered son. Lily runs – with the authorities hot on her tail.

Though born a lady, Lily hides as a maid in the home of Devon Darkwell, Lord of Darkwell manor. She can’t hide her true nature for long and is soon loved by all but the threatened housekeeper.

All Lily wants is love but his lordship refuses only that – will love conquer all? Or will the housekeeper have her way?

Hott Review

This was a bit different. It took a while for me to grow interested in the book because the writing style isn’t what I normally read. It’s definitely a steamy romance but it’s more on the line of women’s fiction or drama than the comedic romances I generally seek.


Author: Patricia Gaffney
Grade: C
Steam: Adult

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