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When Lionel finds a strange looking rabbit foot that makes odd things happen he knows just where to go to find out what this is – Mr. Jardean’s Mercantile & Bakery – the king of everything odd. Mr. Jardean knows his weird and tells Lionel all about the Walbaun foot not knowing that Lionel actually has found one.

Curious thing about a Walbaun foot, it’s great for wishes but you never get exactly what you wish for… as Lionel soon learns.

Hott Review:

What I liked: This is an adorable book. I know the kids & I really enjoyed it. It was light and fun but had a good moral lesson. It’s something that they can read on their own or you can read it as a family, as we did. Don’t miss out on this book!
What I didn’t like: Lionel’s mother really bothered me. I honestly was very provoked by her attitude toward Lionel.


Author: Paul R. Hewlett
Source: Amazon Free Read Dec 2013 & Author Gift
Grade: B+
Ages: 7-13
Setting: Larrystown
Series: Lionel’s Grand Adventure #1

Author Bio:

Paul R. Hewlett writes books for children. His first book is Lionel’s Grand Adventure: Lionel and the Golden Rule. It is an early chapter book for ages 7-10. It is the first book in the Lionel’s Grand Adventure series. Paul is a US Air Force vet who is married and has a “senior” dog named Joe that he and his wife adopted from the local rescue facility. His aim is to increase and foster children’s interest in reading by combining entertainment and values.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review my book, Gina! I always enjoy your reviews and all the hard work you put into you blog.

    Paul R. Hewlett

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