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Review: Love Leaves at Midnight

Hott Synopsis

Left penniless upon the death of her parents, Xenia is fortunate to be. Journeying to France – not that she needs her employer to remind her of it every few miles. Xenia quite rethinks her thankfulness when the railway carriage crashes and she is knocked unconscious.

Upon awakening, Xenia determines that the crash must have knocked her completely silly. She stands face to face with a mirror image of herself who asks destitute Xenia to stand in for her as a royal princess so that the true princess may have just a few days with her true love before marrying.

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Hott Review

This book has been one of my favorites for years. I first read it as a teen and fell completely in love. Now, when I feel the need for a fairy tale romance I always pick this up and devour it.

This is one of those books that I’ll give to my romance hungry teenage nieces. It shows the importance of true love. It shows the consequences of deception. It also shows the importance of family.

There is pre-marital consummation and aludion but nothing an older teen (or many younger teens) won’t hear at school.

Author: Barbara Cartland
Rating: A
Steam: Y/A

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2 thoughts on “Review: Love Leaves at Midnight

  1. It's always nice to have those old favorites to go back to when you need a comfort read!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    BTW: did you see the latest challenge I picked up? Cheryl has called in the experts to try and "cure" me. 🙂

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