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Dirty dishes overflow the sink. Your two youngest kids just began their third round of hand-to-hand combat today. And now the washing machine won’t start. Visions of putting a home-cooked meal in the oven while the family plays happily in the living room evaporate amid screaming, complaining, and slammed doors—and that’s not even counting what the children are doing.

Lisa Pennington knows what those days are like. And she knows that even in the hard times you can find immense joy. In Mama Needs a Do-Over, Lisa offers hopeful, practical ideas for resetting your family’s mood in the toughest moments. She also dives deep into your mother’s heart to show you the power you have to turn those challenges into gifts. A little fun, a new perspective, and a go-to list for those do-over days, and you might just find joy in all those dirty dishes after all!

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Hott Review:

Mama Needs a Do-Over is a must-have book!

As a reader, I have an aversion to non-fiction. I want to like them, I just generally don’t. Mama Needs a Do-Over was just the opposite for me!

Lisa Pennington is an amazing writer with a great sense of humor. She reminds us with these simple mother-to-mother words how to overcome ourselves and live the fulfilled life God has intended for us. We’re given quick and easy tips to get to the bottom of our daily challenges to overcome and be the conquerors God intended instead of victims.


Author: Lisa Pennington
Source: Shelton Interactive
Publisher & Date: September 1st 2015 by David C. Cook
Genre: Christian Parenting
ISBN: 0781412927 (ISBN13: 9780781412926)
Pages: 208
Grade: A
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Author Bio:

Lisa Pennington is a homeschooling mother of nine who shares her life—one laundry load at a time—on her blog called The Pennington Point. She is a sought-after speaker at conferences and women’s groups. Her favorite things to do are play games with her family, rearrange furniture, and take long naps. Lisa, her husband, James, and their family live near San Antonio.

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