Hott Synopsis

Mr. Badger has made a beautiful Rose Petal cake but on his way out the door he bumps his head and forgets who he is.

Mr Badger continues on his stroll believing himself to be a snail, pony or a frog, just not a badger while his friends chase him through the forest trying not to wake the fearful creature that lives deep in the forest.

Hott Review

I thought this was a cute book and enjoyed the rhyming but not all of the kids enjoyed it. The 3-5 year olds stayed interested while the older ones didn’t.

I’m not sure that it’s be great as a bedtime story – at least not for those easily frightened – but it’s not to scary for a pre-nap read.


Author: Francesca Ariadne Harvey Lilley, John Watling (Illustrator)
Grade: B
Ages: 3-8

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