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Review | Nightmarriage: For Butter or Wurst

Goodreads Synopsis:

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Chad Thomas Johnston’s Nightmarriage is a whimsical memoir that explores the terrors of marriage and the perils of parenthood. Adapted from Johnston’s blog series of the same name, Nightmarriage proves that, when two people marry, their flaws tie the knot, too. In essays such as “My Wife, the Black Hole,” “Hearts and Jumper Cables,” “Knives and Wives,” “Honeymoonwalking (to Jail),” and “Blessed Are the Tentmakers,” Johnston weaves stories on his literary loom that are equal parts luminous and lunatic.

Writing as only a minister’s son with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can, Johnston has crafted an observational ode to both the blunders and wonders of wedlock, and his writing is punctuated accordingly with absurd alliteration, appalling puns, and madcap metaphors. Nightmarriage is a must-read for fans of David Sedaris, Robert Fulghum, and Anne Lamott.

Nightmarriage features original art by Johnston, as well as BARRR, Dan Billen, Ben Chlapek, Megan Frauenhoffer, Danny Joe Gibson, Mark Montgomery, and Darin M. White. The appendices of the book also include Twitter stream excerpts, recipes, artist information, and other miscellany from the world of Chad Thomas Johnston.

Hott Review:

This was a cute book though I must admit that I think it was more geared to something my hubby would like than me. Some of the humor escapes me. Plus I believe I may have gotten an unedited edition as there were some typos.
All in all, I especially enjoyed reading how much Chad adores his wife — yes, that does shine through the book — even as he laughs at how awkward their differences can make life.


Author: Chad Thomas Johnston
Source: Noisetrade
Grade: C
Ages: Adult
Setting: Mostly Kansas

Author Bio:

Chad Thomas Johnston is a slayer of word dragons who resides in Lawrence, Kansas, with his wife Rebekah, their daughter Evangeline, and five felines. He has written for IMAGE Journal’s “Good Letters” blog at Patheos.com, In Touch, The Baylor Lariat, and CollapseBoard.com, home of ex-Melody Maker critic/Nirvana-biographer Everett True. In May of 2013, eLectio Publishing released Johnston’s writing debut, a whimsical memoir titled “Nightmarriage.”

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