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Ignoring his mother’s calls reminding him that he is, once again, late for curfew, Mike races towards home. He slams on the brakes when suddenly he sees a pale and soaking wet girl right in his path. She barely flinched at the car careening towards her, introduced herself as Carol Anne and politely asked Mike for a ride home.

After dropping her off, Mike realizes that Carol Anne has left her shoes in a puddle on the floor of his car and turns around to return them.

But the woman at the door tells Mike that it’s impossible – Carol Anne’s been dead for fifty-five years. In disbelief, Mike continues to ignore his ringing cell, and sets off for the cemetery where the teens are buried only to find — fifty-four more pair of the shoes he’s holding in his hand and a group of teens that want to tell their stories.

Hott Review

I just couldn’t put it down! I’m not only buying myself a copy but I’m passing it out to all of the teen (and thrill-seeking) readers I know!


Author: Candace Fleming
Grade: A
Ages: 12+
Steam: Nada

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