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Dr. Simon Bradley is still running from his demons.

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Memories are the worst kind of demon. The fire that scarred his body has turned his life into a life of solitary confinement. He may travel the world saving the lives of burn victims but he trusts no one and has never known what love is.

Montana, on the other hand, is the complete antithesis. She’s never wondered if she can trust someone. She’s never longed for love. She’s never been alone.
What on earth was the Mayor thinking to ask Montana to get to know Simon in hopes of getting him to stay in their fine town?

Hott Review

I enjoyed this Fools Gold book immensely. It was quite dramatic but maybe it was that the subject matter captured me. My hearts breaks for the children who don’t know a parent’s love. While I think that people who physically abuse children is horrific, to me the parents… mothers… who honestly do not love their children is a far greater tragedy. So to me, this was quite an emotional read that I couldn’t help but love.

Author: Susan Mallery
Rating: A
Steam: Sauna
Series: Fools Gold #5
Publisher: Mira Price: $7.99 (GR)
Others in the series: Chasing Perfect, 1
Almost Perfect, 2
Sister of the Bride, 2.5
Summer Brides, 2.6
Finding Perfect, 3
Only Mine, 4
Only Yours, 5
Only His, 6

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