Raspberry Kisses

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Facing eviction, Rhea Morrison, a young grieving widow, must save her failing bakery. Her
recently-injured twin sister, Raven, loans her money – stipulating Rhea attend a singles retreat to spy on Martin Lane, Raven’s new love interest. Disgruntled, Rhea attends the retreat and is attracted to Martin. She discovers that Martin can help save her bakery.

Pastor Martin laments over his secret, traumatic past mistakes. He’s destined to lead his father’s church, despite blatant rejection. He can’t love Rhea – he’s yet to forgive himself for his past, and if Rhea knew how he used to be, she would have no interest in pursuing a relationship with him. In spite of their shared attraction, he helps Rhea form a plan to save her business. Martin, a former successful bakery owner, can expertly create delicious pastry recipes.

Rhea feels torn about her attraction to Martin – he’s a pastor, and after her husband’s death, she vowed to never get involved with another pastor. Plus, her twin sister, Raven, has strong feelings for Martin. Can Rhea let herself have romantic feelings for Martin – knowing it would hurt her sister?

Can Martin and Rhea overcome their past so that they’re free to love again?

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Hott Review:

In Raspberry Kisses, Rhea struggles to get over the loss of her husband, the chance of losing her business, and her selfish twin. It’s a beautiful picture of overcoming obstacles and placing your trust in our Lord.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was Rhea’s grumpiness. It felt like she was always sad or frowning. While yes, she’s working through a lot of huge barriers that would deter any of us, it was a bit depressing. However, even in Rhea’s grumpiness it was so uplifting to see how she really didn’t worry over herself, she was constantly concerned about others.

Overall, Raspberry Kisses is a cute book perfect for an afternoon in a comfy chair… with lots of snacks, because it will make you hungry.


Author: Cecelia Dowdy
Source: I Purchsed this as a FREE read in Jan 2016.
Publisher & Date: Indie, December 4th 2014
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance
ISBN: 2940152712711
Pages: 274
Grade: B+
Ages: 18+**
Steam: ** YA — Though this is a Christian Romance it’s quite steamy and not appropriate for all readers. There is talk about arousals but not to much more that is specific.
Setting: Chesapeake Bay, MD Area
Series: Bakery Romance #1
Raspberry Kisses
Raspberry Kisses
Shades Of Chocolate
Shades Of Chocolate
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams

Author Bio:

Cecelia DowdyI spent the first ten years of my life on a military base in Aberdeen Maryland since my dad was in the Army. We moved to North East Maryland when I was about ten. I always remember the joy of opening a book, and reading mesmerizing stories that entertained me for hours! I went to the University of Maryland in College Park, earning my degree in Finance! My freshman English teacher claimed I was a great writer, and recommended that I change my major from Finance to English, but I didn’t heed his wise advice!
Instead of pursuing a literary career, I worked as an accountant for a travel agency for ten years. During that time, I traveled all over the world, including the following places: Germany, France, England, Tahiti, New Zealand, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and Santo Domingo.
In 1994, I began writing for fun, and I kept doing it until I sold my first inspirational romance novel. Before I sold my novel, I wrote sweet romantic short stories regularly for national women’s magazines. I’ve published thirty-seven of these stories. I’m now working on other novels, and you can check the books section of this website to see a list of past and future releases!
I love both secular and Christian fiction. I also love young adult fiction, and I hope to have my own young adult inspirational series someday!
I’ve been happily married to my husband for eight years. We currently reside in Maryland with our son.

Websites & Links: Cecelia Dowdy's website Cecelia Dowdy's twitter Cecelia Dowdy's facebook


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