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Shannon Gannon is still reeling from the success of her novel,

BN | Amazon | GR
BN | Amazon | GR

Hot Rocks, which details the adventure and romance of her grandparents, Max and Shannon. Upon returning home from her two-week book tour all Shannon can think of is putting her feet up but instead she finds her house-sitter with her throat slashed and winds up with a hotel mixed with interviews with Eve and Peabody.

Eve knows this has to be all about the money. Someone must be after the share of diamonds that was never found. Now, Eve needs to find out where those diamonds went – and didn’t – so that she can eliminate the people looking from the person who knows.

Hott Review

After reading the 17th ‘In Death’ novel I was a bit put off by this one. I was happily surprised to thoroughly enjoy this one, though. It was really quite fun. While not quite a novella it’s not nearly as long as a typical book in the series yet the characters are all true to form, snarky, and determined.

You needn’t read ‘Hot Rocks’ to enjoy this book but it certainly added to the enjoyment. The stories are entwined in such a way that the stories really do not interact.

Author: Nora Roberts | J.D. Robb
Rating: A+
Steam: Adult
Related: Hot Rocks
Series: In Death #17.5

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  1. I liked this one, too! 🙂

    I'm reading Survivor in Death right now.. .oh man, this one is tugging at my motherhood strings.

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