Hott Synopsis

Eve is SO ready to to get out of these heels she wears only because she loves that man she married – when work stumbles though the door of the party.

Work in the form of a man holding a knife, covered only in blood and mumbling incoherently about the murdered woman. Eve follows the blood though the hotel to find not only a maliciously murdered woman, but also the remains of a ritual gone wrong.

Hott Review

What I liked: I loved that this novella, like so many of the others, deals primarily in the paranormal. I also like that if you’re not a fan — you can skip these and miss nothing.
What I didn’t like: It was just a bit freaky. It wasn’t a bad book, just a bit off tune for me.


Author: J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts)
Source: I purchased this from on July 15, 2011
Grade: B
Steam: Pretty Graphic
Series: In Death, 27.5
Naked in Death, 1
Glory in Death, 2
Immortal in Death, 3
Rapture in Death, 4
Ceremony in Death, 5
Vengeance in Death, 6
Holiday in Death, 7
Midnight in Death, 7.5
Conspiracy in Death, 8
Loyalty in Death, 9
Witness in Death, 10
Judgment in Death, 11
Betrayal in Death, 12
Interlude in Death, 12.5
Seduction in Death, 13
Reunion in Death, 14
Purity in Death, 15
Portrait in Death, 16
Imitation in Death, 17
Remember When: Big Jack, 17.5
Divided in Death, 18
Visions in Death, 19
Survivor in Death, 20
Origin in Death, 21
Memory in Death, 22
Haunted in Death, 22.5
Born in Death, 23
Innocent in Death, 24
Eternity in Death, 24.5
Creation in Death, 25
Strangers in Death, 26
Salvation in Death, 27
Ritual in Death, 27.5
– Promises in Death, 28
– Kindred in Death
– Missing in Death, 29.5
– Fantasy in Death, 30
– Indulgence in Death, 31
– Possession In Death, 31.5
– Treachery in Death, 32
– New York to Dallas, 33
– Chaos in Death, 33.5
– Celebrity in Death, 34


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