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Turner is now a widower. Thank God!
He’s not completely sure how how longer he could have lived with that cheating duplicitous woman!

Turner will never marry again! There is no way he will ever trust a woman again.

Now? He’s back at home escorting his baby sister, Olivia, and her friend, Miranda, to their coming out balls. Could anything be worse?

Of course, something could be worse. Absolutely.

The way Miranda makes him feel is anything but brotherly…. Turner needs to find a mistress before he does something insanely stupid…

Hott Review

This is a favorite of mine. It’s so very much fun but still believable that I always manage to keep a copy on my shelf — the shelves are for those books that I live without if there’s a nuclear something or other & I have no way to charge my many ereaders :P. Yes, I’m that prepared… I don’t have water but I have copies of my favorite books…


If you’re looking for a light, fun read – look no further!


Author: Julia Quinn
Grade: A+
Steam: Mostly just Adult…
Series: Bevelstoke #1


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