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Review | Silly Elephant – Peace with Bees

Silly Elephant - Peace with Bees

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Peace with Bees is a story about a silly elephant who loves honey and thinks it’s ok to steal honey from the bees. The story teaches kids about compassion and dealing with adversities. The silly elephant’s journey to understand the boundaries and respect everyone would be a visual treat to read.
After Barney snatches the honey from Ephan, Ephan goes and steals honey from the bees despite his friend Sid’s reservations. Little did he know about the consequences of stealing. “Peace with Bees” is a story that teaches children about compassion, respect the boundaries of others. The story is nicely laced with fun facts about bees that would help children appreciate the little things. With stunning graphics and lovable characters ‘Peace with Bees’ truly brings out the joy to the young readers.

Hott Review:

What I liked: Silly Elephant – Peace with Bees is a cute book. I enjoyed the story and the understated lessons. I really enjoyed learning about honey and how it’s made.
What I didn’t like: I grabbed the Kindle Unlimited version and personally think the words are too small. Plus since it’s just comprised of pictures/graphics, not actual text it’s painful to enlarge. But that’s just a formatting thing and NOT about the book itself.
I did find the equations a bit odd, but again, that’s just a “me” thing because I know it’s something my son would have loved as a pre-schooler.

I also enjoyed checking out the book’s website jetpops.com The images and writing there will give you a good idea about how Nadh Poduri writes.


Author: Nadh Poduri
Source: I borrowed Silly Elephant – Peace with Bees via Kindle Unlimited after seeing some other reviews online.
Publisher & Date: October 2nd 2016 by Jetpops
Genre: Children’s Fiction
ISBN: 1944615024 (ISBN13: 9781944615024)
Pages: 55
Grade: B+
Ages: 2-6
Steam: None

Author Bio:

Nadh PoduriNadh Poduri grew up in a southern part of India. He is a programmer, loves to develop games for kids. While he was growing up in India, he used to visit elephant national park to study about elephants. His fascination towards elephants inspired him to write his first picture book ‘Silly Elephant.’ Nadh lives with his wife and two kids in San Francisco.

Websites & Links: Nadh Poduri on Goodreads


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