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Review: Simple Choices

Hott Synopsis

Grace’s trip with teenager Hannah did not

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go as well as she’d hoped. Enrolling Hannah in the art classes was a tremendous advantage to her work but taking her from the Mennonite community where she’d been raised, even for a few short weeks, had created an argumentative, rebellious teenager.

The worst part? Grace had promised Hannah’s parents that was the one thing that wouldn’t happen.

Now, Hannah’s missing and the community isn’t sure if Hannah has run away and they should blame Grace or if Hannah is just another victim of whatever or whoever has been enticing other beautiful blond headed blue eyes teenage red girls from here homes. Even Grace isn’t sure.

Hott Review

I had a very difficult time getting into this book. I didn’t hate it but I wasn’t entranced either. I really enjoyed the characters but I had trouble with the tense. It was a bit like reading a journal when I prefer to ‘experience’ a story not ‘remember’ it. I also missed book two and felt a bit out of the plot – even though it can be read a stand alone – it just didn’t work for me. Other than that I enjoyed the mystery and the characters.

Author: Nancy Mehl
Rating: C+
Steam: Nada
Series: Harmony #3

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