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Isn’t there a rule that says that you can’t marry your sister’s ex? Well, Katie McCormick’s sister missed that memo because she’s ringing the wedding bell.It’s okay though. Katie isn’t bitter, really. It’s just that, well, there are going to be more than 200 people there and the questions… Ugh! No one has that much patience!

Yup, you guessed it – Katie needs a date. A good one. One that will make everyone see that she’s much better off now that her baby sister grabbed Katie’s man.

But… this is Fool’s Gold. Where is Katie going to find a man?

Hott Review

Steamy. Fast. Enthralling.

I picked it up and just didn’t put it down. There isn’t too much about the town or residents but it was so much fun. I’ll be reading it again!


Author: Susan Mallery
Grade: A
Steam: Sexy
Series: Fool’s Gold 2.5


Others in the series: Chasing Perfect, 1
Almost Perfect, 2
Sister of the Bride, 2.5
Summer Brides, 2.6
Finding Perfect, 3
Only Mine, 4
Only Yours, 5
Only His, 6
Only Us, 6.5

I got this book as a Freebie on October 10th of 2010… it’s just taken me a while to read it ;(

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